I met him a couple of months ago on the internet

I met him a couple of months ago on the internet

I met with him couple months ago on the internet. One month later he got sick, so he could not write me so often. I have not heard from him already 1 month and a half. I think that he like me and want to be with me. The problem is that we still don't know each other well enough. I think he is using his situation...I was trying to talk to him but he does not write me back very often.

I think he want to take time and learn more about me, but I don't like it very much just because I'll not be able to know him...so I don't know what should I do, keep writing him, but it's not a perfect idea just because I will not be able to know him... please give me any advice what should i do, how to bring him back and how to know him better. thanks in advance



The risk with the net is to build a romance before there is anything solid. Being on the net is playing a game. This game is fun and can be exciting for many, until you have to take real steps. Many guys and women will step back because they enjoyed the sharing and fun but simply don't feel like moving into something serious. It's fine like that. You simply have to know about it.

On the net you must avoid investing too much before there is a clear response and real signs of commitment. Keep your options open and keep looking. If he did not respond for 2 months, his mind is probably somewhere else. Send him a couple of friendly, open messages. If he does not respond, be realistic and let it go. Let go! Focus on "open doors"... Start checking new profiles again (there's about 20 million of them!)