I like this guy a lot

I like this guy a lot

I like this guy a lot, he knows it too. I really want to get to know him better. me and him never even seen each other till' this year, I am in 7th grade and he is in 8th grade. I am good friends with his little brother who is in my grade also. we recently got in a fight for awhile because I was liking the whole family.

That's what Greg, my friend said, Jon the boy I like hated me after that. they thought I liked their little bro also who was in 6th grade. I don't know what to do. I want him to be my boyfriend so badly. he dose notice me and look at me all the time, but, every time my friends bring me up, he says no off the bat.

I never wanted to ask him out or have my little secret come out because I knew he would hate on me after it. I was right. My friends didn't care what I said and asked him anyways. now, I am going through a rough time because I always think of him.' please write back and keep in touch!



It looks like there is a big misunderstanding here... Imagine you are in the sea in a storm and you need to keep heading south west for instance.

You are in charge and you know where you want to go... now the wind pushes you in all directions and gives you a hard time.

the best is to walk to that guy you like and force him to listen to you just for 2 minutes. tell him what you have to say and walk away.

If you do that, you will feel great because it takes guts and confidence. He might reject you, fine, don't expect too much, simply let go of the outcome but make sure you get the facts straight and clear any misunderstanding that can be hanging around the two of you.

If he feels you are too dependent, attached or clingy on him, he'll run away, so be free act free and don't pressure him. Simply be fun to be with.