I know he likes me but he is not acting on it

I know he likes me but he is not acting on it

I know he likes me but he is not acting on it. He waits until we meet and he makes the most of every moment we meet. I want him to call and set up a date.



Sometimes, we wish we could take action for other people but we can't. The power of self determination is one of our great gifts as human beings. We are all free, you, me, him. If he does not take action, there is something you can't do: force him! It does not work. I know it's frustrating.

Some guys are self absorbed or simply lack initiative. It's them who need to do the work, not you.

If you feel frustrated by his lack of initiative, you can either wait, or try to educate him (might take you time... long time considering what you say) You can try to help him change... I tell you, this can be time and energy consuming for you and bring little results at the end.

You can sit down with him and simply ask him what's going on. Tell him you feel frustrated because you are always making the moves. Talk about yourself, your needs.

Another option is for you to focus on other people and keep your options open. This is what I recommend you 100%! When you diversify your contacts, connections, it's like a bowl of fresh air, because your have the choice. That way your happiness and emotional freedom, life satisfaction are not dependent on someone else's moves.

You need to be free, to feel free!!!