I kept breaking up with him

I kept breaking up with him

I like this guy that goes to my school. I went out with him a couple of times last year and all but I kept breaking up with him. I was going though a phase. But now I realized that I mad the biggest mistake to brake up with him because I fell in love with him.. What should I do please help me.



Guys don't like rejection. If a guy feels you dumped him, he could be upset about it. Can you guarantee him it won't happen again. You see, his greatest fear is that he takes you back and within a month, you dump him again.

It's not nice for him.

Simply tell him exactly what you just said now: "I was going through a phase... I needed space. I realized I made a big mistake because I am deeply in love with you..." These words are magic. They do work.

Remember, for him to accept what you say, you have to make it clear you won't dump him again soon.

Great! Now take a deep breath, go ahead and tell him! Have a great time together!