I am angry with guys - ARTICLE

I am angry with guys because of negative experiences I had in the past. I feel that right now, I have little love to give but I still like the attention or need a guy's presence in my life.


Clarify the past to open the future! Difficult to look into the future with serenity when the past is not solved. Solving is Dissolving. The spirit is free! Emotional freedom! We touch the very essence of your happiness. This one is a life skill! It is the ability to clear your mind and your personal environment to limit unwanted influences. You want to evolve in a clear sky!

Two hints: clear your personal space! Surround yourself with people who value you!

This "preparation" is called getting relationship ready. Check dating sites: what people are looking for: the "no hang ups" quality is major (for both sexes, it's in the top 3 qualities people look for!). Conclusion: get rid of old socks and move on in a clear space. Take the sword and cut through what could hold you back!

Move on! It's time!