How should I start things out with us

How should I start things out with us

I have a ? I'm just starting to get to know this guy from work, how should I start things out with us, should I tell him how I feel towards him, or should I TAKE IT SLOW, I GAVE HIM MY NUMBER FIRST WHAT SHOULD BE THE NEXT STEP.



How is life today?
You gave him a sign by giving your number. The best is to give him space to respond.

The main mistake you can do here is to be clingy, attached or behave like he owes you something. All this would be a great turn off. He must feel that you are fine by yourself and having a good time with or without him.

If you claim him in any way, that's it! You lost him. The key here is not not to be focused on him and keep your options opened.

If he sees you open, going out and having an active social life, it will be easier to for him to relate to you because he won't feel pressured.

In these early stages, guys need freedom! lots of freedom! Openness and fun, lightness.

Keep on flirting with him, lightly and give him a taste of what he would get...