His ex wife recently moved back into their home

His ex wife recently moved back into their home

I started dating a man who was divorced, his ex wife recently moved back into their home. We are more emotionally involved than physically. We are also involved with business and we cannot seem to break away emotionally. I am divorced and have been for 4 years. I have never been in this situation. What do I do to make it more attractive for him to leave and come to me? he has allowed this because of his 2 year old son? Help?



Lots of what is going on in his life is out of your hands. You see, he is the one in charge of his existence and he takes the decisions for himself.

The only thing you can do is step back and respect.

It does not actually mean you stop flirting with him but there is no control or will power from your side. The greatest gift you can give him if you care for him is the gift of freedom. Open your arms around him rather than constricting his space. He will feel your love, respect and respond to it in the same way.

At the same time stay open yourself. As he does not give you his exclusivity or commitment, see other men as well. You are free! there is no commitment no actual relationship in this case.