He seems to be all about his friends

He seems to be all about his friends

There's a guy I really like and adore but he seems to be all about his friends. How do I get him to pay more attention?



To pay more attention, he has to be excited about you, about your presence. He must feel you free, open. If he feels you are clingy, dependent or desperate, he'll simply run away, so be sure you have your own stability and life base.

The trick here is not to be exclusive towards him. Stay free on your own ground. If he notices that you are independent, stable and happy by yourself and with other people, specially guys he will want to share this happiness with you.

So the best is to have your life, an exciting life which does not depend on his presence. This success will turn him on and make him want to be with you.

At the end, the dating world is a dance floor. For a guy to want to be with you, he must feel you two are on the same level. It won't happen if you put yourself down and put him up there in your esteem. Bring him down! He's just a human being like you.