He says that his relationship isn't going good

He says that his relationship isn't going good

Ok I have this guy who has a girl, ok were just friends though but we both like each other. I did something I shouldn't have done, he came over and we started messing around.

Am I doing right by letting him think that I have a new friend, because when he calls me I tell him that my friend is over another guy really its not, I just don't want him to think its all about him.

I want to know if I should take a chance and get him or let it ride its self out. Because if he leaves her than he can leave me as well. I think I'm interesting him by having male friend, he acts as if he doesn't care but he asks questions about us. I don't give him any info. He says that his relationship isn't going good. Me and him get along really well, what should I do? Help!



It looks like you enjoy your freedom right now. Dating a guy, having male friends. there is nothing wrong with that. Simply follow your instincts and trust what you want. It is your life, not theirs, so you wishes and your will is number one!

If you feel you two can move to start something together, take a small step to see how it feels. If it's too awkward step back and keep your freedom.

Don't offer yourself to him unless it is clear it's a two way commitment. At this stage he still has girl friend. Keep your freedom and don't focus on him as long as she is around.