He can be very pushy in sexual situations

He can be very pushy in sexual situations

I really like this guy. He is super hot, and has an amazing body. He is really funny and never boring. I don't know him that well, but do know from other people that he can be very pushy in sexual situations, which I don't want. I see him again in about 5 days. I want to look my best. What can I do, with him and my look?



I think it's great you put up your boundaries. Young couples rush in sex often too fast before the relationship builds up, so congratulations for knowing what you want along that line.

Foreplay to foreplay is flirt. Anything which goes that line is great fun in first dates. Talking, is fine. Now teasing each other is even better! Enjoying in whatever way can build the complicity between the two of you.

When you see him again, don't expect too much. Go there to enjoy and have great fun together. You have to give him a glimpse of what can happen between the two of you though. Flirt, play with your eyes, touch him, his arm, or shoulder. Keep it light and relax! First dates are about fun. Don't play clingy, dependent or committed to him. Tease and enjoy the moment for what it is. Performance stress or too high expectation are your enemies in a first date.

Inner freedom is extremely attractive for a guy. Show him you enjoy life deep inside and that your pleasure can't be challenged or destroyed.

With your looks, I would say casual, light and fun works great. The way you dress shows the way you feel about yourself. What would you wear if you wanted to express fun, lightness, excitement, flirt?