He always has all of his friends around him

He always has all of his friends around him

There is a guy that I don't really know but I know he's funny, and really nice and he's hot. He is really popular and I'm scared to talk to him because I feel threatened. He's in two classes with me and I feel that I don't have any chances to talk to him because he always has all of his friends around him and I'm not friend with his friends. I just need to know what I should do.



It's true try to approach him when his friends are not around... It will make it easier for you.

Being in love or asking a guy out is like being on stage. It truly feels like you are naked. Instead of putting the guy on a stand and worshipping him like a god, imagine him naked as well, tease, play. Tease him to break the ice, pretend not to take him too seriously. This will build up the fun and bring lightness between the two of you. being fun is the number one quality guys like for in a girl. So don't be afraid to express it. Dare to be yourself. This will multiply your natural charm! In one word, make you totally irresistible!!!

When you go on stage the first time, it feels a bit awkward. Why? because it is the first time. Repeat the experience to feel more comfortable with it. If you ask one guy out one time, it is a bit funny. But if you try again another time, it feels already more easy. Simply do it and every time you do it accept the outcome, accept what happened, forgive yourself if it wasn't as good as you would have wished. Learn from the experience and do it again, and again. Don't let anything hold you back from doing it. You'll soon become super confident at it.