Go beyond my present limits

Go beyond my present limits


Renewal!!! On one hand you have the territory of what you already know: your comfort zone. Feels good hey!

On the other hand you have the territory of the unknown! Scary!!!

To go beyond your present limits! This very core idea must shift! Comfort zone is boring. New stuff is exciting!

Go an explore the world. Right now, take a white paper and write down 10 exciting things you never did before! Which of these things can you do within one hour, one day, one week or one month? Which ones are easy? Which ones are exciting?

Renewal means taking steps! It means as well taking at least small risks! This is for the day by day stuff.

Designing a long term plan or vision? Apply the same principle! I must tell you: the pleasure you can gain from simple daily steps is immense. Make it a habit of at least once a day, going beyond your natural limit.

Taking action is a thrill. It stimulates your life force, brings excitement and gives you an energy-kick.

Now you have the choice: sit back and contemplate this idea until it fades away or stand up and take action right now. The solution is in front of you!