Feel great in social events

Feel great in social events


A social event is a set up. It is a place with a simple rule: we are here to have fun, meet people, share and enjoy!

It is a game! So play the game. Accept to take part in it. Merge and use this occasion as an environment for fun and enjoyment!

Playing the game is giving people what they want! Sure it's great to accept yourself the way you are but you can do better. You can be better. Your present limits are not your real limits. So, go beyond and reach beyond your present comfort zone to establish a new rhythm and freshness in your life. Raise your standards!

Here are the greatest turn offs in social situations: difficult person, self absorbed, sad, melancholic, distant, worried, or unstable. If you want to have fun, express exactly the opposite qualities: easy going, generous, happy, joyful, warm, balanced.

What is this game? It is often a flirting game! 90% of guys want first to have fun when on the dating scene. They want to spend time with people who are fun to be with, so no hang ups.

Guys fall for women who look and feel free! They respond to life force, to radiance, to excitement, to emotional fuel. What does emotional freedom look like? Ready to engage! Ready to invest!

Become incredibly attractive to yourself by being a problem free zone! (at least in social situations!) To be successful, simply let go of what is not attractive in you. Stop doing what is bad for you. Simplify everything.

People will be magnetized to you when you are a life model they want to follow. Express their deepest dreams. Express their deepest desire and they'll simply be attracted to your presence.

Dare! Take risks! Be ready to respond to situations! Be spontaneous! Trust! Enjoy the magic of the moment.

Being successful is first a gift you give to yourself. Engage!