Cyber dating and jealous

Cyber dating and jealous

Hello, My boyfriend and I met in a chat room over a year ago. Well everything has went wonderful between us In fact I have never known a more loving and caring man. We talk on the phone everyday and plan on marrying. We have not met in person but are doing so in Aug.

Here is my problem he has a best friend that he has known for years and this best friend is Female. See I am not jealous in that I think that they are sleeping together because I Know he loves me...I have NO doubt in that. But I am jealous of the time she gets to spend with him when I am not able to at the moment.

I have not told him of my feelings on this because I don't want him thinking I am making him choose between she and I because I would never do that. But I don't know how to get past these feelings. They hang out a lot and sometime I am on the phone with him when they are hanging out and I want so much to be with my man like she is able too. Please someone help me know what to do and how to get over this.



The risk with online romance is to go too fast. Did I understand you right? You say you still did not meet him?

Giving your full attention to someone you did not meet yet is simply not a good idea. I know that your emotions call for it and it is challenging to stay open but you can really heavily get hurt when you have too high expectations.

If he has a female friend, I suggest you do the same and stay open and social.

Good luck and stay in touch