7 simple steps to wake up your flirting spirit

7 simple steps to wake up your flirting spirit

If you don't know where to start with flirting, you can develop new flirting skills by practicing and connecting with your flirting spirit.
Flirting is first instinctual!

You can surf the net and get lines which work or you can connect with your flirting spirit and create your own.

Suppose you want to learn to play an instrument: You can follow a manual or you can simply take an instrument and start making some simple moves.

Very often, life flows its own way. If you are cooking you can either follow a recipe or free yourself from it and go with your instinct.

Success with flirting is probably a combination of both approaches: getting a few tips and strategies from a "recipe book" and connecting with your own flirting spirit.

Here are a few simple steps to connect with your flirting spirit:

Get ideas

Imagine yourself walking to a perfect stranger at a party. What would you say? How would break the ice? Take a white page and write down at least 20 ideas or intro lines which come to your mind. No matter what they are, write them down, even if you believe they are silly or stupid. Don’t think, don’t rationalize, go with your instincts and with what comes first

Find a female buddy

Email these ideas to a female friend who wants to play this game. If you don’t have a buddy, practice this with your coach. Send each other a few ideas daily for a week or so and exchange opinions on what lines work best and why.

Select the best lines

In the lines you wrote, select the ones you believe are really good. Find out how you feel when you would say them. What would a man feel when you would approach them with such a line. Why would they work?

Find a dating site and set up a free profile

Go online and select a dating site you like. Set up a free profile with picture and personal info. Spend 10 to 20 min max. No need to elaborate. Keep simple and fresh. It is an experiment. The goal here is not to succeed. It is to train your skills.

Start sending messages and observe how guys respond to them

Don’t crush on anyone. Even if you feel attracted to a guy, keep your options open. Stay focused on your original goal: train your flirting skills.

Practice with a male friend

Invite a male friend and get his feed back on the lines and attitudes which work best. He will tell you exactly what he reacts to and why. Be receptive and open to whatever he has to say. You are here to learn.

Go live!

Once you experienced with online flirting, go live and experience at parties, clubs or other public situations.