We did fight - What do you think? Are we breaking up? - QUESTION


he broke up with me last Wednesday due to ongoing fights for the past 4 months (together 20 months him/38 me/29), it was my fault I'd held on to some things I was angry about and started picking away at him. Anyway, when it ended he said he thought that was it and didn't see any chance of us getting together again.

I didn't really follow the no contact plan..I called a few times and we had some pleasant conversations...no talk of the relationship. Tonight I broke down and drove over there and finally said what I needed to. I told him that I was sorry for everything and that I understood where he was coming from. I asked him to really think about what he was doing and if it was possible to give me another chance someday, that we had something worth keeping. He pulled me to him and started hugging me and agreed that he would reconsider all of this and if/when he was ready he'd call me. He said he realized that there was a lot of good between us and how hard this was for him, we both cried of course.

I'm not sure what all this means..I told him I wouldn't be contacting him anymore because it was too hard and if he wanted me he'd have to initiate contact. Guess I'm just looking for some input, anything positive here?



It's not easy to apologize when you feel you did something wrong.

You did the right thing and the reaction from him was direct and clear as well.

That's a very positive way to rebuild something which seemed broken.

Give it some time... You two could be off for a new beginning but it still looks fragile at this stage.

What can you do to empower this even more?