5 break up attitudes that don't work - ARTICLE

When he breaks up, you might naturally fall into these self defeating attitudes.

Here is what does not work:

  • Trying to get back together

It fails in 95% of the cases for many reasons I already mentioned. Most women waste months trying to get him back when in fact the deal breakers for this relationship tell you instantly that it won't work. Give up on that guy and move on!

  • Self pity

It is called victimization. You believe that the world is against you and that you are the victim of some unfair curse. You are not! This is the end of a cycle and plenty of opportunities are open for you in your future! Embrace them!

  • Self destructive spiral

This includes drugs, alcohol, poor eating patterns, low work performance, verbally abusing your friends, etc. All these patterns create a snow ball effect and make the problem bigger than it is. One key rule! Limit the challenge to it's real size and don't let it expand to other areas of your life!

  • Rebound relationship

Light dating, yes! New committed relationship, no! The short period that follows a break up is an essential recovery time which allows you to reset your relationship skills and shift key behaviours. Find answers and make changes before you jump into a new relationship

  • Broken record syndrom

This means to keep on talking about your ex over and over again. This keeps you going in circles with no solution. Stop! It does not help!

These are some of the break up behaviors or attitudes that don't work, ok?

If you express any of these right now, shift your mind and instead express some of the winning mind sets that I describe in the e-book, audios and videos.

This will speed up immensely your break up recovery.