4 key steps to get him out of your mind - ARTICLE

Here we go:
  • Get rid of all traces of his presence in your personal environment!

Get rid of objects he left behind, presents, picture, letters, memories. This includes clearing his text messages in your cell phone or deleting his emails in your mail box! - Do it now! This defintely frees your mind!

  • Change your self talk!

When you say things like "I need him", "We were meant for each other" or "He was the one", you limit yourself! - This is simply not true! - If you were meant for each other how come he is not with you right now?

  • Stop talking about him!

The more you talk about him, the more you make him the center of your attention! - If a friend asks you about him, simply say: "Not interesting! - Let's talk about something fun! - He is in the past - He got enough attention from me - I am focused on the future now!"

  • Replace him!

Light dating other men will definitely reset your male points of reference in your mind. It gives you validation from the opposite sex and makes you realize that other men like you!