One year later and he is still in my mind! - Why? - ARTICLE

This is totally normal.

Having him in your mind is okay as long as it does not stop you from going ahead with your life.

The reason why he pops up in your mind especially when you start dating someone else is because dating situations call back old memories.

These moments your shared with him are still present in your mind until you reset them with new fresh experiences.

What if these visions of the past distract you from the present moment? What can you do?

Well, rather than accepting his presence, you need to use your will power.

Tell him internally: "Sorry darling but you have to go. I enjoyed what we shared but someone else is about to take your place in my mind. You need to leave now!"

You can have this type of inner dialogue until his spirit no longer bothers you.

This really works but you need to be firm and consistent with rebuilding your freedom.

You need as well to be consistent and get rid of physical traces of his presence like old letters and pictures.

Soon, you'll notice that you might sometimes think of him but the power he used to have is gone.

Another way to force him out is to focus and invest in your new boyfriend.

To this new boyfriend, say things like:
  • "Life is amazing with you!"
  • "I am delighted we met!"
  • "I love your smile!"
  • Etc.

When you consciously feed this new relationship and praise what you have now, it naturally forces your ex out of your mind.

The moment you stop feeding your ex with your thoughts and attention, he naturally disappears.

It is your mind! You are the one in charge!

To your power!