Why your ex can verbally attack you, insult you or exagerate facts when breaking up with you - ARTICLE

An ex might verbally attack you because it gives him a kick to do so.

Some men are naturally agressive and when trapped in a situation they don't like, they will react emotionally to try to free themselves.

He might react that way when he feels your relationship is becoming too committed or limiting for him. He feels trapped and looks for a way out.

This is why he might insult you or treat you really badly!

Did you do something wrong?

Even if you did, emotional abuse is never justified.

Look at this example that was posted on the forum recently:

He was drunk. he tried to kiss her. She said "No". He left angry and slamed the door!

That's being emotionally abusive.

Most of the verbal and emotional abuse you might get is totally unjustified!

Simple! Don't let him do that by staying away from him!

You need to be strong and firm. Let him know that you are not okay with this type of behavior and that he must respect your space from now on.

If he still pushes, tries to contact you and still shows no respect, you will need to take it to the next octave and apply even more powerful strategies.

More on this coming soon.


To your power!