I don't really want to speak with him - What if he calls me or runs into me?

It is simple: respect and diplomacy.

When he calls, you can say: "Hi, how are you?" Let him speak for a few seconds.

Then interrupt him and say: "You know what? Now is not a good time. I have to go to ... or deal with..."

If he insists, repeat: "Sorry now is not a good time..."

And say something like: "I have to go now. Talk to you another time. Take care. Bye"

That's just the general idea.

If you meet him, same story: "Hi!", "Bye, see you later"

Cut any unwanted contact you have with him to 1 minute or less.

That's the best way to not let him in.

You'll be amazed of how good it feels when you apply this simple strategy.


To your power!