What works best with jealousy issues? Coaching or therapy?

Let's first check what each approach does, ok?

Therapy originates in the medical profession and focuses on healing.

When you go to see a therapist, you believe that you need healing and that somehow, your present emotional reactions are dysfunctional.

Coaching originates in the sports and business field. It focuses on performance, success and life satisfaction.

You go to see a coach because you want more from life! The number one quality you get from coaching is extra power.

That said, if you are a jealous girl, what do you feel you need the most? Healing or extra power.

To tell you the truth, I think it's great you have the choice!

I know what I would choose myself, but of course my opinion is biased because I am a coach! Of course, I believe 100% in what I do because I see the results.

What about hypnotherapy? Well the results we seek are again the same, but the way to get there are quite different.

With coaching, my goal is to give you extra power and make sure that after a couple of sessions or going through the e-book and MP3 audios, you have all the tools and skills you need.

I like you to own the transformation process. I like you to be fully awake.

You don't need to be in an hypnotic trance state for this material to impact and make changes in your life.

I did explore the possibility of integrating a couple of hypnotherapy techniques in this material or in my coaching but consciously decided not to go that way.

Why? Not sure. It simply did not match with my approach energy wise.

Somehow I felt it was side tracking the core message I wanted to give you:

You are in charge!

You are in the control seat!

You own the transformation process!

It is extra power you need not healing!

The choice is yours really!

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To your power!