Should you tell him if you have been spying on him?

Unless you found something and want to confront him, no!

It is not necessary!

You need to forgive yourself, realize that your suspicions were ungrounded and that you can in fact trust him.

When you spy on him, you take a risk!

If you feel guilty, you need to be able to live with your actions and forgive yourself.

Consider that you did what was right at that time. It was your best shot at defending your relationship and showing that you cared.

Learn from that experience and discover exactly why you will not do it again:
  • You realized that your fears were delusional.
  • You prefer trusting him.
  • You did change and mature emotionally.
  • You were vulnerable at that time and have found yourself back.
  • Etc.

If your couple is strong and you know that telling him would not be an issue, it is okay to open up of course.

However, many men can't take this type of behavior!

It could destroy the trust he has in you!

If your priority is to protect your relationship, act accordingly and don't tell him anything he can't take, really.

If you think it was a mistake, it was yours, not his!

Deal with it!

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