How do you discuss your feelings of jealousy when you see your boyfriend chatting with another girl?

Well, the question is: Do you even want to discuss it?

Did he cheat?

Did he betray you?

Did he do something wrong?

Or do you simply feel insecure?

I mean, is this issue in his hands or in your hands?

Is he your therapist or your lover?

Guys tend to get tired of having to reassure their partner endlessly.

It's exhausting to feel that no matter how hard you try, your partner still believes you are going to cheat on her.

So, the solution is to get things straight once and for all:

What are your relationship boundaries?

Are you committed to each other?

This type of questions.

Once these are solved, don't keep on bringing them over and over again each time he has a chat with a girl.

If you still have problems with it, it means that you need to work on this issue on your side and do what it takes to turn a jealousy response into trust.

This is what this e-book and MP3 audios are about

The strategies you will discover are powerful and will shift forever the way you stand in your relationship.

Don't ask your boyfriend to give you extra power. Instead, go and get this extra power yourself!


To you!