He cheated before! - I am worried he will cheat again!

We are again in a situation where your jealousy is justified.

Something is definitely unsolved!

After your boyfriend cheated, you need to heal the open wounds.

You do that through dialogue and rebuilding the complicity between you and your boyfriend.

If he can't guarantee you that he won't cheat again, you have to shift the way you stand in your relationship and protect yourself.

How do you do that?

You take some emotional distance and gain back a new sense of independence.

As long as you are totally emotionally dependent on him, you will get hurt.

You can't control his life if what he wants is freedom.

You need to develop a mind set and attitude in which you know you would be okay with or without him.

If he can't guarantee a commitment on his side, this means that you need a serious back up plan in case he cheats again.

Some guys will never give you guarantees. In fact, even marriage is not a guarantee.

Now, when you have enough power, confidence and resilience, this gives you the tools to pull back what you invested in this relationship when he cheats on you.

This means as well that your income, place where you live and emotional balance must not depend on him. You need to fully own these aspects of your life.

This is why working together or having a house or children together when there is no serious commitment is quite a risk.

You need to protect yourself and be ready for anything!

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