"You changed my life!"

Another great success story from N in the US: :-)

"I wanted to send you my heartfelt thanks for your advice, I did read the book "How to Get a Man" (Wonderful book!) and I have to say I learned so much. I decided that I had nothing to lose in saying "hi" and I started doing that with guys around campus and in class... And it worked!

I've met some new male friends!

I'll admit sometimes it's hard when you know you've let a chance go by but you taught me (through your book) that it was okay, to try again. I'm still doing it and I'm happy, it feels wonderful.

I loved your section on flirting... It is loads of fun, and once I realized it was just fun, didn't have to mean anything serious I started doing it much more. it was strange at first to just flirt for fun but well worth it...I'm building that confidence everyday. As a note, I did see that guy I originally wrote you about again, and we spoke had a little conversation and he seemed very happy, I felt "normal" around him again, when I realized he was just another person like me....

The lessons in your book, "How to get a man" are absolutely wonderful, taught me to open some more doors in my life and helped me start flirting more, which I have to say I'm loving it!

It does feel wonderful to take on this new challenge, and even though I stumble every so often, I've stopped being so hard on myself and allowed myself to just "let it go" and try again.

I've learned to take on more risks, and I'm taking more opportunities to practice my confidence around guys.

I appreciate your advice and will continue to follow it...

I have to say thank you for replying to my post and for the book.

You changed my life, and I wanted to say thank you, and let you know how much I appreciate it.
I admire you....keep up the awesome work.

Thank you again..."

N - US

Whaou, N! You really got it! Congratulations with the positive steps. You're definitely into something essential which will bring you lots fun and happiness!

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