You are naturally good at dating

Here is why:

First, you know exactly what works and what doesn’t when it comes to connecting with a guy your like.

You know for instance that what he connects with is your smile and happiness.

This is why, when you go out these are the first qualities you take with you.

You know that what you want is to make a man happy. You know as well exactly what makes him happy.

You know for instance that if you have fun when you are together, he’ll remember this good time and associate it with your presence.

This is the very reason why he will call you back after a first date: he will call you back because he enjoyed spending this time with you.

You understand very well that a man’s imagination is fertile. You know exactly how to make him feel that life with you is perfect. This joy you know so well is the core of your connection. This is the base of everything you do together.

The times you challenged or teased a man, you opened a window in his mind. You made him realise that there is something about him that you perfectly understand.

It’s a great feeling to perfectly grasp the fact that as long as you remain on a playful ground, you two are in for a great ride.

All these skills and experiences are totally part of your being.

Any time you look in a man’s eyes, you know exactly what will make him respond to you.

This is why dating is always so much fun!

It is thrilling because you own all the tools to establish this lively and exciting connection with him.