Want to know what Mel and Ruben think?

If you answer "No thanks", you're in trouble.

Why is that? Because if you want to succeed with guys, you need to understand how they function and what they want in life.

Behind the shells and appearances there is always a real heart with true feelings. It is these feelings you want to understand because they will tell you exactly how to establish a connection with these strange beings called "the opposite sex".

Would you date Mel or Rubben? Maybe yes. Maybe no.

However, if you stand still for a second and truly listen to what they have to say, they will show you exactly how to find and man and keep him long term.

Often, when you want an answer or a tip, all you have to do is ask!

I took this short cut for you and interviewed 10 guys + their friends.

I asked them what attracts them in the women they date + what would make them stay with a woman long term.

You'll hear answers from committed guys and bad boys alike!

These simple and direct answers can save you lots of time, if you dare to listen.

These 10 interviews are included with your how to get a man E-book

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