What would you do if you dared to?

Dating confidence!

This e-book tells you so much about waking up your natural sources of dating confidence!

Confidence in dating has nothing to do with being pushy, demanding or assertive towards any guy.

You are assertive and even agressive with your approach to open up the initial doors. It is this force you use to simply get out, or break through your own boundaries.

It is all about balance of power and when to use it!

A minute, you might need to show your fire and the following one, simply step back and give your potential date all the space he needs.

Here are some of the power building articles contained in your "How to get a man e-book"

Wake up your dating power
A radical shift
Remove obstacles
Wake up your passion
What is risk taking?
What are these new strategies?
You are a winner!
Trust your instincts!
Where do you start with dating?
Get ready to date!
How to gain confidence in the flirting scene?
Go beyond your present limits

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