What is he thinking?

The best way to find out is to take a trip into his mind, ask him questions, ask other guys, etc.

So, you can spend lots of time guessing or you can simply take a short cut and get many answers at once. The questions I answer in this e-book are questions women like you have been sending me over the last few years: "What is he thinking when...?", "What does it mean if...?", etc.

For women like you, knowing more about the guys is a key to succeeding with dating.

It will tell you exactly what works and what doesn't when trying to connect with a guy you like.

Here are some key chapters contained in the How to get a man - E-book

Which tell you exactly how guys function:

How to challenge him

How to be successful with guys

What is the first quality a man looks for in a woman?

Is he flirting with you?

What to expect from a guy who flirts with you?

How much do looks really mean for men?

How to make him feel at ease?

You like him. Should you tell him?

Does it work to play hard to get?

What can stop him from asking you out?

Do guys give mixed signals? Do they play games?

Can you intimidate guys?

I don't get it! Do guys prefer bitchy girls?

He rarely calls me - What's up with him?

All these are articles together with dozens more answers are availbale for instant access as soon as you get your copy