What does it take to succeed with your love life?

Some of the key qualities you need to manifest are understanding, dating and relationship skills, focus and awareness.

If you are in a situation where you don't seem to break through, the goal is to ad something to what you have been doing until now.

Many women will walk into the dating scene hoping that love will just "happen".

It does happen!

You do fall in love!

You do sometimes connect with a guy you love.

Now, in many situations, this might not be enough.

Love, dating and relationships are one of the key challenging areas in people's lives.

You want to enjoy it, right?

All it takes is gaining new skills and understanding the dynamics better.

The goal for you is to be able to relate to men easily and connect with them wherever you want.

Having a great connection with a guy you care for is extremely rewarding.

You know exactly how it feels, right?

So, what is the key?

The area of love is a territory.

It is an intelligent spirit.

To protect love, your dating and your relationship, you need to express power skills and extra resources to be able to truly own what happens in it.

Imagine a fragile flower growing in the middle of the city.

It is vulnerable, right?

Love and dating can feel the same.

The feelings which wake up when you are attracted to a man are very subtle.

They are refined impressions which can be very fragile.

The goal is to give yourself the tools to protect and conquer more of this beauty which naturally grows between you and another human being.

Why is love being challenged?

Well... Why is a flower challenged in a middle of a city?

It has to do with energies and priorities.

It has to do with power dynamics.

For instance when you meet a man, part of what you share with him has to do with love.

Another part of what you share has to do with power dynamics.

Sometimes, you want it your way or he wants it his way.

The struggles you can encounter have to do with power dynamics.

These struggles ask questions like "who is in charge?", or "who decides for what?"

If he prefers to see the latest "star wars" movie and you prefer going for a romantic comedy, what is happening?

It is a simple power struggle, right?

Now, the way to succeed with your love life is to use your power wisely.

If you haven't enough of it, you feel totally lost.

If you have too much of it, you might overwhelm your date.

The art of dating and relating is the art of creating harmony, synergy and love together while empowering what you share.

Once you understand the dynamics involved, it is very easy to make it work.

However, you need to accept and practice simple dating and relationship skills which will radically empower what happens in your love life.

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Understanding men and relationships.

Discovering how to use your power effectively.

How to make sure you stay in control of your life.

How to meet new men and profoundly connect with them.

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