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I just added a set of new MP3 audio advices to the "how to get a man" e-book.

Listen to a sample

Your Media player (Windows Media player, Itunes, Real Player, etc) should start automatically when you click on the link.

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This is how easy it is to listen to live audio advice nowadays!

Your e-book comes with more than 90 minutes of tips, advices and strategies on key dating challenges.

You will discover, what goes on in a man's mind, how to choose your dating style, what guys are looking for, etc.

These MP3 audio advices in themselves are already worth the price of the e-book.

You can download them to your MP3 player instantly and listen to these talks in your own time while driving, at the office, or having a drink at your favorite cafe.

This is such a powerful way of immersing yourself in the dating spirit!

Here is a detailed list of the topics covered in these MP3 broadcasts:

  • Daring - 10 min - MP3
  • Fun and excitement - 10 min - MP3
  • Two types of men - 17 min - MP3
  • Do I turn them off? - 8 min - MP3
  • Does it work to be bitchy? - 9 min - MP3
  • What is your dating style? - 10 min - MP3
  • What happens first? - 10 min - MP3
  • Why cyber dating? - 10 min - MP3
  • Training your skills - 6 min - MP3
  • Network dating - 10 min - MP3

To get these MP3 audio advices instantly, it is very simple:

Follow this link:

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It's one package super user's friendly and instant access!

Enjoy and take care


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