An exciting title!

Don't be mistaken by the title of the e-book:

"How to get a man" is 100% ethical and is not about manipulating guys in loving you.

You can't cheat with love.

It stays authentic!

I'll tell you a story: the first version of this e-book was called "Dating skills for women" after that I tried "No more single!" and many more titles after that.

In fact I have more than 10 pages of possible titles variations for this volume.

"How to get a man" is 100% ethical!

It is not geared at manipulating the opposite sex and enslaving the man you love.

Hello?!!! I am a man! If there were such powers, do you think I would put them in your hands? :-)

Would be risky for your male friends...

Yes! These strategies are powerful.

No! It's not about brain washing men or enslaving them.

This e-book focuses on win-win!

It focuses on manifesting success in your dating life so that love wins.

The greatest reward for me is not the $19 you will send to my paypal account when you buy this e-book. (Sure, it is a satisfaction to create a powerful set of tools you love to get. I can't deny it!)

However, the number one thing I want is you to:
  • Win this challenge
  • Have all the tools you need to establish meaningful connections with men
  • Be intensely happy and excited about your love life.

I can't take steps for you but I can surely be there for you.

This e-book is a response to your call.

It started a few years ago when having this conversation with a female client who was asking me for tips on how to solve a dating challenge.

A few years later, here it is! All the strategies ready to use!

My "sent box" on my email is full with more than 4000 email advices I sent to questions I received.

This e-book is a synthesis of all the experience I gained working with women like you.

Enjoy it!



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